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Organization and Structure

Crime Stoppers Belize is an NGO, a non-profit making organization, it is a member of Crime Stoppers International and a member of the Caribbean and Latin American Crime Stoppers Organization, however it is managed independently of those international bodies.Rotary 100 years logo

Rotary 100 year logo The program is managed by a civilian Board of Directors, made up of Rotarians and civilian members. The Board fund-raises, sets polices, etc. That Board of Directors is primarily made up of members of the different Rotary Clubs throughout Belize, with those members representing the community as a whole, and representing the high ideals set by Rotary International.  

The Board sets policies and strategies, raises funds for rewards and administrative costs, raises public awareness through advertising and crime re-enactments, determines the amount and method of reward payments, monitors the performance of the program, and so on.  The day-to-day implementation of those matters is delegated to a Chief Operating Officer.

The program also receives some financial support from the Belize Police Department with their provision of a full-time Program Coordinator who reports directly to the Board of Directors. However, Crime Stoppers Belize employs its own Chief Operating Officer who implements the policies set by the board and oversees the general running of the program.

The Coordinator receives the tips from the overseas Call Centre, provides that information directly to the various Law Enforcement Agencies in Belize, such as the Police, Customs, and Immigration, and ‘manages’ the list of tips so that all tips are investigated.

Member of the Board are changed annually at 1st July (coincides with the Rotary Year), with at least 4 members of the previous Board being re-elected by the outgoing board in order to ensure continuity.  The new Board members shall be selected, by invitation, by the outgoing Board, with those members being selected for their skills and positions within the community.   The Chairperson is elected by the new Board members.

Crime Stoppers Belize is a duly registered entity under the by-laws of Crime Stoppers International; thereby receiving guidance and expertise from its international partners.


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