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Crime Stoppers FAQ's

What is Crime Stoppers?
Crime Stoppers is a program designed to reduce crime by partnering with the community, the media, the local police and other law enforcement agencies. The media reports the crime, the community identifies the criminal(s) who’ve committed the crime and provides information to Crime Stoppers anonymously, and the police acts upon the information provided by arresting and charging the criminals. When the criminals are arrested, they are effectively removed from the community hence reducing crime in the area. Crime can only be combated when everyone gets involved.

Crime Stoppers is a community based program designed to help law enforcement solve crime by setting up a system which allows the public to phone in tips anonymously and receive rewards for information that leads directly to the arrest and charge of a suspect for a crime. It is Belize’s anonymous TIPS hotline to report crime-related information. Tipsters remain anonymous and become eligible for rewards of up to $1,000.
How Does Crime Stoppers Work?
Someone with information on any crime committed must call in to the toll free Crime Stoppers number 0-800-922-8477. The call is answered by international operators who take the information from the caller.  Each caller is given a code number so that their identity can remain unknown.  The caller is then told to call back to check on their tip.  If the information results in an arrest and charge, then the caller is eligible for a cash reward.

It's simple. Callers are urged to call 0-800-922-TIPS (8477) with information on any crime. Crime Stoppers cases are featured on television, radio, and in newspapers. Callers are issued code numbers and remain anonymous.
Who Runs Crime Stoppers?
It is operated by an independent citizen directed Board of Directors. They are civic-minded leaders in their communities who are dedicated to helping law enforcement solve crime in Belize.
What Law Enforcement Agencies Are Involved?
All of them. Information is passed to the relevant areas for example the Police Department and other agencies such as the Customs and the Immigration Departments.
Why should we support Crime Stoppers?
No one wants to be a victim of crime.  No one wants to live or work in a high crime neighborhood.  Usually when a crime is committed, someone other than the criminal himself knows about the crime but is afraid to make a report to the police.  Crime Stoppers allows anyone with information to make their report without any fear that anyone can identify them.  The police alone cannot put a stop to crime, but if everyone joins together to support Crime Stoppers we can take criminals off the street.
Who Funds Crime Stoppers?
This program is not funded by the government or by any tax dollars.  Crime Stoppers is funded solely through, corporate sponsorships, donations and fund raising.  Citizens and local businesses make Crime Stoppers work.


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