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Domestic violence/ Child abuse

From the Belize Police Information Technology Unit hand-out "Domestic Violence and Child Abuse"

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domestic violence and child abuseWhat is Family Violence?

  • The abuse of a person by another in a family. It can be between spouses, parents to child, child to parent or grandparent or any other family relation.
  • Any type of abuse or behavior that is intended to harass, and offend another human being through the use of physical and verbal assaults.
  • Family Violence is not limited to physical battering but includes economical control, psychological and sexual abuse.

Forms of Family Violence

  • Physical Abuse – Kicking, slapping, punching, grabbing, hitting with objects.
  • Sexual Abuse – Having sex with another person against his/her will or forcibly without protection as requested.
  • Economical Abuse – Taking control of all financial resources, including the victim’s wages or personal income.
  • Psychological Abuse – Controlling his/her activities isolating him or her from family, constant name calling and insults. 

domestic child abuseDomestic Violence and child abuse Domestic Violence is a Crime!

More violence occurs in our homes than on our streets. Violence in our home in similar to the violence on our street an treated in the same manner.
Child Neglect is a Crime!

When a parent or guardian fails to meet the basic needs of a child or their children such as to provide food and warm clothing or constantly leaves the child/children alone without adult supervision -  this is known as NEGLECT. Neglect is as serious as any other form of child abuse because the effect is as damaging and long lasting. 

Report Family Violence if...

  • You are concerned about an abuse child
  • Family or other persons are putting a child in danger
  • A child is left unsupervised.

    IN CASE OF EMERGENCY - CALL 911 or your nearest police station

What will the police do to protect you?

  • The police will listen
  • Provide Immediate medical assistance
  • Take firm legal action to bring offenders before the court (including arrest and detention)
  •  Offer basic counseling
  • Referrals to emergency shelters and services.

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